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My First AVR-USB

Low cost and step by step

My First AVR-USB

This article is a quick guide to building firmware that will unleash the capabilities of Atmel’s advanced AVR-USB chip and especially its USB features, which are fairly easy to deploy. Join the fun if you have a basic knowledge of USB and 30 dollars to invest.

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* Low-cost ($30) Atmel AT90USBKey demo board fwith on-board mini joystick
* MCU: AT90USB1287 with DFU bootloader
* Easy introduction to USB for AVR embedded technology, including USB hardware controller
* Introduction to designing USB HIDs and Composite Devices
* Lots of freeware utilities around (FLIP, LUFA)
* Largely Linux compatible
* Easily accepts software ported from other projects (e.g. Teensy)

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