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mbed Has Landed!

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mbed Has Landed!

Question: What do you get when you land 75 engineers and boxes of all sorts of electronic components together in a concrete UFO? Answer: You get the biggest mbed hands-on workshop we’ve ever attempted!

I just arrived back from a trip to Elektor Live!, a daylong Elektor event in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. This was an excellent outing for anyone interested in electronics, and it had the added attraction of being held in the ‘Evoluon’ conference centre, which is an impressive saucer-shaped building that was actually built as a Science Museum by the Philips company in the 1960s. It was certainly the fi rst time I’d ever been able to ask a taxi driver to “take us to the UFO.”

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Simon Ford (UK), co-creator of mbed, is a lifelong electronics and computer engineer. He works at ARM, and before starting mbed was technical lead for the ARMv7/NEON architecture now found in most new smartphones.

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