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2.4 GHz Transmitter and Receiver for Model Aeroplanes

ZigBee technology for model construction

2.4 GHz Transmitter and Receiver for Model Aeroplanes
For a number of years now, remote radio control systems for models that operate in the 2.4 GHz band have been available. This technology is highly robust against interference and offers the option of telemetry which was not permitted with the older technology which, depending on the country, uses the low VHF 27 MHz, 35 MHz, 41 MHz or other allocated bands. The project described here offers the option of effortlessly expanding a lower VHF system with 2.4 GHz SHF technology. Because this is a fully open system, it can, to a large extent, be adapted to suit your own needs.
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Extra info / Update

• Transmission of 8 proportional channels
• PPM-modulation, compatible with all transmitters for 35/40/41 MHz
• Existing transmitter does not have to be modified
• Receiver with dual power supply and linear regulator for one or two LiPo batteries
• Remote voltage measurement of the receiver batteries
• Receiver compatible with BEC power supply
• Remote current measurement of the receiver with calculated energy use in mAh
• Remote signal strength measurement of the receiver (RSSI)
• LC-display at the transmitter for indicating the parameters
• Audible alarm signal at the transmitter
• Open communication interfaces: UART, CAN, I²C
• ZigBee technology
• Range of more than 1 km in the open field, verified by the author
• Reaction delay 20 ms



Issued: December 29, 2011.

D2 & D3 -> new type, old : ES3A, new : GF1A

R15 -> new value, old : 47K, new : 3K3

The value of resistor R3* should be 6K8 when the type of the LCD is POWERTIP PC2004ARS-AWA-A-Q as mentioned in the list.

The software as been updated to V1.01 (serious bug removed)

News photos included in software download.

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