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Scheduled for publication in Elektor March 2013

next month in Elektor
Intelligent LCR meter In 1997 Elektor published a top class, cutting edge LCR meter with technical specs matching professional equipment of that time. At last, in the March 2013 edition we’re able to present a new LCR meter Totally up-to-date technology wise, it also surpasses its famous predecessor in terms of specifications and capabilities. This device can be used stand alone, or in combination with a PC via a USB connection. Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board The Raspberry Pi is a very affordable, credit card size, computer development system ready for connecting lots of peripherals such as a keyboard and a display. It’s ideal as a a base for many (homebrew) applications. To simplify the connection of your own electronic circuits to the Pi a prototyping board was designed comprising a stabilized power supply and a prototyping area with solder pads. The prototyping board is simply plugged on top of the Raspberry Pi. Thermo Book Here’s an uncommon thermometer? For this design we’ve not only extended the functionality, but also opted for an original case. Shaped as a book the display of this measurement circuit shows either temperature or humidity, where switching occurs automatically after a fixed time, or ‘manually’ by clapping your hands in the room.
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