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Big Amps DC Motor Driver

Big Amps DC Motor Driver
This simple circuit is designed for use with all kinds of DC motors up to 40 amps. Basically it’s just a simple oscillator driving a bunch of power MOSFETs, but it works a treat.
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Gerber file

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Component list
R1 = 10kOhm, 5%, 0.25W
P1 = 100kOhm, 20%, linear potentiometer, 0.2W
C1 = 470µF 35V, 20%, 3.5mm lead spacing
C2 = 10µF 25V, 20%, 2mm lead spacing
C3 = 100nF, 50V, 20%, ceramic, 5mm lead spacing
C4 = 22nF, 100V, 20%, ceramic, 5mm lead spacing
D1,D2 = 1N4148
D3 = RURP8100
T1-T4 = IRFP150N
IC1 = 40106
IC2 = 78L12
4 pcs. FastOn spade terminal (tab), straight, PCB mount, 0.2''(5.1mm) lead spacing
Heatsink, 1.9K/W, 100 x 40 x 50 mm, Fischer Elektronik type SK 92/50 SA
TO-3P silicone elastomer insulation (T1-T4)
TO-220 device insulating kit; mica sheet + bush (D3)
PCB # 120406-1 v1.0
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