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Next Month in Elektor
Compact Audio Power Amp Operating at supply voltages up to ±100 V, a single pair of output transistors supplies more than 200 watts continuously into 4 ohms, still maintaining pretty low distortion figures. Numitron Clock In this project we strove to blend old and new technologies in a stylish way using an Arduino-compatible microcontroller system with some add-ons electronics to drive a couple of Numitron tubes for a digital clock/thermometer. Xmega Webserver This versatile microcontroller board is designed around a very powerful AVR microcontroller. In terms of I/O, it has it all: LEDs, pushbuttons, a display, RS485, various UART/TTL connectors, a Micro SD connector, and there is room for a TCP/IP module that allows web server and other network applications to be realized. Article titles and magazine contents subject to change.
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