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Xmega Webserver Due to lack of space in the current edition, we’ve had to reschedule publication of this AVR powerhouse to the October 2013 magazine. In terms of I/O we have 4 LEDs, 4 pushbuttons and a (separately installed) display. For interfacing, you can choose between RS485 and various UART/TTL connectors, allowing our BOB USB-TTL converter to be connected, for example. The Embedded Extension Connector makes the board pretty versatile. The board also has a Micro SD connector, and there is room for a TCP/IP module that allows web server and other network applications to be realized. 8×8 Two-color LED Matrix with an ATmega328P This project aims to explain programming for Atmel microcontrollers in an easy way. The use of an 8×8 array of 2-color LEDs is mainly for the fun of it. Hopefully it also helps you understand the way the “bitshift” operation works for the purpose of LED driving. Plus we have a go at game programming! Some elementary knowledge of C/C++ programming is helpful here. Wind Speed and Direction Meter The most widespread way to measure wind speed and direction is with a wind vane and an anemometer. In this project we take a different approach—without moving parts and using a circuit based on a thermal mass flow meter. A heating element heats the air, which depending on the wind direction and speed gets directed across sensors fitted around the element. Measured values are interpreted in software, which is no easy task.
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