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Next Month in Elektor
Elektor April 2014 is processed for mailing to US, UK and ROW Members starting March 18, 2014. Platino-based Bench Supply A compact laboratory supply ranks high among the most requested and replicated electronics projects. Typically, such a power supply consists of an analog control circuit and one or two displays showing voltage and current, optionally driven by a microcontroller. By contrast, in this project based on Elektor’s universal Platino board the microcontroller is actively used to regulate output voltage and current. The power supply provides two fixed output voltages and an adjustable voltage up to 15 V at 1 A. Intelligent Cuelight System A cuelight system is used in theatres to provide inaudible signals to actors or technicians through colored lights. Most commercial systems use multiple channels, each having their own controls. In this case, we’ve opted for four groups with Standby and Go buttons, and a central Clear button. The number of channels is virtually unlimited, with each channel board ready for connection to two one or more buses through switches. 433-MHz Gateway Small 433-MHz LPR modules are available for wireless measuring, controlling and switching of all kinds of things. These modules are controlled through an SPI interface. A small board was developed to ease their use in other applications, too. Apart from an ISP’ed 433-MHz module the board also contains an ATmega328 and a UART interface. Thanks to pre-programmed firmware an easy-to-use gateway is created capable of sending and receiving UART-supplied characters.
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