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  • Published in issue 7/2014 on page 130
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Next Month in Elektor

Next Month in Elektor
Announced in the June 2014 edition but held over till September due to lack of space: an ingenious circuit incorporating a custom-designed flat transformer with PCB track windings. The PSU has two LED displays for the current and voltage readout. The output is interruptible using a relay, and capable of sourcing up to 30 V, 1 A. Prototyping with T-Boards When designing your own circuits incorporating a microcontroller you may suddenly find that breadboard awkward with its mass of connecting wires and jumpers. To solve the problem we designed TeeBoards—handy little PCBs accommodating a microcontroller and ready to plug onto a breadboard or your own circuit board. 16-bit ADC module Especially for low frequency data logging applications Elektor Labs designed a small circuit with an A/D converter type ADS1115. The board has an EEC connector for easy linking to the Elektor Linux Board, the Multifunction Xmega Board and the Elektor Arduino Shield. A special C library ensures that the converter can be easily included in any software for your own projects.
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