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Programmable Christmas Tree

Brings (blue) light into the darkness

Programmable Christmas Tree
The dark days before Christmas are approaching rapidly. So it has become that time again that we as electronics engineers provide some more unusual mood lighting for the home. Naturally we will assist you again this year, in the form of a nice Christmas tree which conjures up all sorts of beautiful patterns on its 62 LEDs.
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Component list
Component List
R1–R16 = 82–100Ohm (SMD 0805)
R17–R24 = 100Ohm (SMD 0603)
R25–R28 = 10kOhm (SMD 0603)
C1,C2 = 10µF 6.3V tantalum (SMD A)
C3–C9 = 100nF 10V ceramic (SMD 0603)
LED1–LED62 = LED blue (SMD 1206)
Q1–Q4 = FDV304P (SOT23)
IC1 = STM32F042C6 (LQFP48)
IC2 = W25Q80BVSNIG (SO8)
IC3 = LD1117S33TR (SOT223)
USB1 = micro USB connector, PCB mount (47346-0001)
SW1 = pushbutton, PCB mount (TACTB-64K-F)
PCB # 140371-1
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