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J²B Synthesizer

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J²B Synthesizer
This project was born after I discovered the Atmegatron music synthesizer from Soulsby Synthesizers [1]. This synthesizer is built around an ATmega328 8-bit AVR microcontroller from Atmel, the same that is at the heart of the Arduino Uno board.
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• Monophonic 9-bit synthesizer
• 32 waveforms + user defined
• 15 filter types
• 2 envelope generators
• LFO with 16 waveforms
• 15-pattern arpeggiator
• 16 patch memories
• 6 live controls
• Patch saving/loading over MIDI
• NXP LPC1347 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller
• 2 output channels
• Open Source & Open Hardware design
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Component list
Component List
Main Board
Default: SMD 0805, 5%, 0.1 W
R1,R22,R26,R45,R49,R64,R68 = 0Ohm
R2,R13,R59,R77,R79,R94,R98,R99 = 100kOhm
R3,R4 = 33Ohm
R5-R12,R21,R24,R25,R28–R32,R44,R47,R48,R51,R52,R53,R57,R58,R63,R66,R67,R70–R75,R91,R92 = 10kOhm
R14,R80,R101 = 1kOhm
R16 = 1.5 kOhm
R17 = 1MOhm
R20 = 47Ohm, 1206, 0.25W
R33,R34 = 4.7kOhm
R35,R37,R54,R85,R102 = 270Ohm
R36,R38 = 220Ohm
R39,R82 = 82kOhm
R40,R83 = 180Ohm
R41,R81 = 8.2kOhm
R55,R73,R86,R93 = 6.8kOhm
R56,R87,R88,R90,R96,R100 = 3.3kOhm
R60,R89 = 820Ohm
R78,R97 = 100Ohm
R76,R84 = 10Ohm
P1 = 10kOhm Potentiometer, stereo, logarithmic law
! R15,R18,R19,R23,R27,R42,R43,R46,R50,R61,R62,R65,R69,R95 = not mounted
Default: SMD 0805
C1,C16,C22,C36,C48,C49 = 100nF
C3,C37,C40,C52 = 100µF 6.3V tantalum, size B
C4,C8,C17,C20 = 18pF
C5,C11,C35,C41,C42,C47,C50,C51,C55 = 10µF 6.3 V tantalum
C6,C7,C9,C10,C12-C15,C18,C23-C27,C31-C34,C43 = 10nF
C19,C21 = 1µF
C28,C44 = 15nF
C29,C30,C39,C45,C46,C54 = 680pF
C38,C53 = 220nF
! C2 = not mounted
L1,L2,L3 = ferrite bead, 0.21Ohm, 0.6A, SMD 0805
D1–D9 = BAT54C (SOT-23)
D10 = MBR0540T1G
IC2 = LPC1347FBD48
IC1 = LD1117S33CTR
IC3,IC4 = MCP6004-I/SL
IC5 = TDA1308T/N2
LED1,LED2 = LED, bi-color red-green, CC, 5mm
LED3 = LED, red, 3mm
T1–T6 = BSS84P (SOT-23)
K1 = 4-pin pinheader, 0.1" pitch
K2 = 8-pin pinheader, 0.1" pitch
K3 = jack 3.5 mm, stereo
K4 = mini USB-B connector, shielded
S1–S8 = Rotary encoder
S9 = pushbutton, Multimec 3FTL6
LCD1 = LCD 2x16, I²C, e.g. Midas MCCOG21605B6W-SPTLYI
X1 = 12MHz quartz crystal
BOX1 = Hammond type 1597DGY or laser cut.
Main board, PCB # 140182-1 (Elektor Store)
MIDI board, PCB # 140182-2 (Elektor Store)
Component List
MIDI Board
Default: SMD 0805, 5%, 0.1W
R201,R202,R203 = 220Ohm
R204 = 1kOhm
D201 = BAT54C (SOT-23)
IC201 = CNY17-3 (DIP-6)
K201 = 4-way pinheader socket, 0.1" pitch, vertical
K202,K203 = 5-way DIN socket, PCB mount, 180°
MIDI board: PCB # 140182-2 (Elektor Store)

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