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USBprog 5.0

An Open-Source Programmer with a Web interface

USBprog 5.0
The Open-Source programmer USBprog has always had a strong backing from Elektor readers; it is a workhorse suitable for use with lots of different controllers. Now the latest version comes with a built-in web server. Thanks to its HTML interface the programmer can work with all the popular computer and tablet operating systems and has no requirement to load specific software.
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Key Features
? AVR-Programmer (avrdude [5])
? ARM-JTAG Debugger and Programmer (openocd [4])
? Updateable: Support for more controllers coming soon
? Voltage level selector (1.8 V, 3.3 V or 5.0 V)
? Simple operation via a browser
? Automatic operation using command line tool
? Works with Atmel Studio and other programs
? Local archive storage of often-used Hex files

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