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BL600-eBoB (2)

Editing, compiling, and transferring a programusing the Bluetooth Low Energy module

BL600-eBoB (2)
If we’re to believe certain predictions, we’ll soon no longer be talking about the Internet of Things, but rather about the Internet of All Things. This is going to imply a proliferation of wireless communication and low power consumption for the circuits used to connect up all these things. Which is exactly the purpose of this ultra-low consumption radio communication board.
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Component list
Component List
R1–R6 = 470Ohm
D1–D6 = LED, 3mm (select color)
K1,K2 = pushbutton
MOD1 = FT232 eBoB, assembled, Elektor Store # 10553-91 (elektor.com)
MOD2 = BL600-eBoB, assembled, Elektor Store # 140270-91 (elektor.com)
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