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eRIC Nitro

Powerful low-power radio

Based on a Labs project | May 2015 | Find it here
eRIC Nitro
There is something magical in being able to transmit and receive data through the air (“aether”) without wires and the LPRS eRIC module [2] makes it very easy. Having a pre-assembled wireless Arduino board shouild tick all design boxes. It reduces the time to test out an idea and for IoT projects it’s a perfect fit.
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Extra info / Update
• LPRS eRIC module with a subset of eRIC signals brought out to user accessible pads on the PCB
• PCB form factor similar to Arduino Pro Mini
• Small size: 2.5 x 5.5 cm
• ATmega328 processor with Arduino bootloader with direct serial connection to eRIC module
• 8-MHz operation
• On-board 3.3-V regulator providing power to eRIC module and ATmega328 device
• Header for FTDI friend connector, to allow ATmega328 programming from Arduino IDE and also to provide serial communication interface
• Quickly deployable as a battery-powered low-power programmable RF node
• Total current consumption in low power mode <100 µA
• Open source, open hardware design
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Component list
Component List
All 5%, 50V, 0.1W, 0603
R5,R6 = 100Ohm
R1 = 1kOhm
R2,R4,R7 = 10kOhm
R3 = 10kOhm (not mounted)
C1–C6 = 100nF, 0603
C7,C8 = 10µF 16V, tantalum
L1 = 10µH, 0603
IC1 = ATmega328P-AU
IC2 = MIC5205-3.3
D1,D2,D3 = RB751
LED1 = LED, green, 0603
X1 = 8MHz resonator, SMT
K1,K2 = pinheader, 1x12, 0.1’’ pitch
K3 = pinheader, 1x2, 0.1’’ pitch
JP1 = pinheader, 1x2, 0.1’’ pitch w. jumper
K5 = pinheader, 1x4, 0.1’’ pitch
K4 = pinheader 1x6, 0.1’’ pitch
K6 = SMA edge connector
S1 = tactile switch
S2 = SDP3T slide switch
MOD1 = eRIC4/eRIC9 SoC Radio Transceiver
PCB 150308-1 v1.2

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