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PWM motor control

With added duty cycle boost

PWM motor control
This circuit is designed to allow a small DC motor to run at low rotational speeds. The motor is driven using a PWM signal, in which the duty cycle increases whenever the motor is forced to work harder.
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Tags Hobby – motor – PWM – Duty cycle Complexity Beginners Construction time Circa 30 minutes Also needed Soldering iron Old motor from a CD/DVD drive Cost Circa 15 Euro/ £12.50 / $16
Component list
(5%/0.25 W, unless indicated otherwise)
R1,R2,R3,R4 = 100 k
R5 = 1Ohm8 0.5 W
R6,R9 = 68 k
R7 = 220 k
R8,R10 = 33 k
C1,C3 = 100 n
C2 = 2µ2/16 V, radial, 2 mm pitch
D1 = 1N5817
T1 = IRF3708PBF
IC1 = LM358
K1,K2 = 2-way screw terminal block, 5.08 mm pitch
Small DC motor and gearbox (recycled from an old PC CD drive)
PCB # 150009-1 from Elektor Store
Shopping list
PCB # 150009-1
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