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Active differential probe v2

Now USB-powered

Active differential probe v2
The author of the Active Differential Probe project (Elektor 7/8 2015 [1]) has developed a new version of this circuit, in which the supply voltage is now taken from a 5 V USB connection.
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Attenuation: 10:1 with differential signal and 50 Ohm termination
Differential input resistance: 5100 Ohm, ±1%
Single-ended input resistance: 2550 Ohm, ±1%
Input common mode range: ±12 V
Output resistance: 50 Ohm, ±1%
Bandwidth: approx. 1.9 GHz (-3 dB)
Rise/fall time: 300 ps
Power supply: USB 5 V, approx. 70 mA
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