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Li-Ion Charger

Li-Ion Charger
Not so long ago the author stumbled across a bunch of old notebook batteries. They had been rejected as ‘no longer fit for purpose’. Natural engineering curiosity got the better of him and armed with a screwdriver they were soon dismantled. The electronics were unimportant, and it turned out that a whole bunch of individual cells were still usable. He thought these would make ideal power supplies for his own projects. The only thing missing was a charger.
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Extra info / Update
* Charges any Li-Ion battery with a voltage rating of 3.6 V.
* Formatting mode to resuscitate cells in deep-discharge.
* Discharge mode displays the true value of battery capacity.
* All the important information is shown on an LC display.
Component list
Component List
(All 5%, 0.25W, 250V)
R1 = 270Ohm
R2 = 100Ohm
R3 = 3.3kOhm
R4,R5 = 4.7kOhm
R6 = 0.1Ohm, 1W
R7 = 1.5kOhm
R8 = 1kOhm
R9 = 10Ohm, 2W
C1,C2,C4 = 100nF, 50V, ceramic, 0.2’’ pitch
C3 = 100µF 50V, radial, 3.5mm pitch, ø 8 mm
C5 = 220µF 50V, radial, 5mm pitch, ø 10 mm
C6 = 1000µF 50V, radial, 7.5mm pitch, ø 16 mm
C7 = 33nF 50V, ceramic, 0.2’’ pitch
L1 = 100µH, 190mOhm, 900mA, radial, MCSCH895-101KU
D1,D2,D3 = 1N4007
D4 = 1N5817 *
LED1 = bicolor, 5mm, common cathode
LED2 = red, 3 mm
T1 = FQP27P06X, P-channel, 70mOhm
T2 = IRF540NPBF, N-channel, 44mOhm
IC1 = PIC16F1829-I/P, programmed*
IC2 = MIC79050-4.2S, TO223-3
IC3 = LT1076CT-5
LCD1 = LCD, with background light, e.g. MC22005A6W-GPTLY from Farnell *
6-pin pinheader, straight, 0.1’’ pitch
2 PCB mount 2-way terminal block, 0.2’’ pitch
2 PCB mount pushbuttons, N/O, 6 x 6 mm
Relay, 5V, 1-pole, N/O, 5A, e.g. Omron G5NB1A5DC
20-pin IC socket, DIP, for IC1
PCB 150580-1 V2.0 *
* see text
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