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12-V LED Driver

lights up the dark nights

12-V LED Driver
Supposing you’d want to bring some light into a boat or campervan during the evening you could connect a couple of 12-V incandescent lamps to the on-board battery. The disadvantage of this solution is that the battery can be drained quite quickly — incandescent lamps aren't exactly known for their energy efficiency. LED lamps fare much better in this respect, but the light fittings required for 12-volt operation are costly. So, the author set out to design a compact, but versatile driver that lets you use inexpensive 230 V LED lamps
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Extra info / Update
* Powered from a 12-V battery
* Suitable for efficient LED lamps
* Configurable output current up to 350 mA
* Various dimming levels via the on/off switch
Component list
From the Store
150314-1 PCB, unpopulated
Component List
R1,R2 = 1.2Ohm * (SMD 0805, 0.25W, 1%)
C1 = 47µF 25V, SMD 0805, aluminum electrolytic capacitor (Panasonic EEE-FT1E470AR)
C2,C3 = 1µF 50V, X7R, SMD 0805
L1 = 100µH SMD, 3.1A / 0.11Ohm (Würth Elektronik 7447709101)
D1 = NXP PMEG3010EJ, Schottky diode 30V 1A, SMD SOD-323F
IC1 = ZLED7730, LED driver, SMD SOP-8 (IDT, ZMDI) *
PCB 150314-1
* see text
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