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Luminous efficacy booster

The advent of the Internet of Things has also boosted research into alternative energy sources which allow energy to be converted into electricity by means of a variety of physical processes. The project described here converts heat from a candle flame into electrical energy, so that you can read your favorite books by candlelight.
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Extra info / Update
* Converts candlelight into electrical light
* Works for 4 to 5 hours with a single tea light
* Attractive transparent housing (two versions available)
* Complete parts kit available, including LED lamp and tea lights
Component list
Component List
Default: 1%, 0.125W, SMD0805
R1 = 100kOhm
R2 = 604kOhm
R3 = 1.37MOhm
Default: 10V, X7R MLCC
C1 = 1μF, 10V, 0805
C2 = 4.7μF, 10V, 0805
C3 = 10μF, 10V, 0805
C4 = 22μF, 10V, 1206
D1 = 1N5819HW-7-F SOD-123
TEC1,TEC2 = TEC1-12706 40x40mm
L1 = 10μH 850mA, shielded WE-MAPI (Würth 74438335100)
K1, K2 = 2-way PCB screw terminal block, 3.5mm pitch
K3 = USB Type A connector, vertical (Würth 614004185023)
S1 = slide switch, SPDT, On-On (Würth 450301014042)
1x USB reading lamp, type Jansjö (IKEA 702.912.32)
Mechanical parts
1x heatsink 40x40x20mm aluminum, Fischer Elektronik ICK S series (Farnell 1850058)
1x heatsink 40x40x10mm aluminum, Fischer Elektronik ICK S series (Farnell 1850047)
2x threaded rod M2x118mm
2x threaded rod M2x51mm
4x acorn nut M2 ( MD-DopMoer -M2 - ME)
4x knurled thumb nut high type M2 stainless (Fabory 51830020001)
4x tension spring 0.5x3.5x12mm (Fabory 17902053012)
4x brass tube, diameter 4x0.5mm, length 26mm
8x flat washer, nylon, M2
1x fan transparent plastic, open, diameter 35mm, for VGA card (4894462470268)
3x machine screw M3x6 slotted/cheese head (M36 CSSTMCZ100)
Heat-shrink tubing, diameter 3mm 1:2 ratio
Heat-shrink tubing, diameter 1.6mm 1:2 ratio
1x pouch silicone-base thermal paste
5x self-adhesive rubber foot (TME RI-RBS-12)
14x machine screw M3x12 galv. steel Pozidrive DIN 7985A
3x machine screw M3x16 galv. steel Pozidrive DIN 7985A
13x hex nut M3 steel DIN 934
7x spacer 3mm polyamide
4x flat washer M3 plastic DIN 125A
3x corrugated washer M3
1x brass tube diameter 6x0.5mm, length 45mm
2x standoff 15mm M3 F/F
Enclosure clear acrylic 5mm extruded, laser cut
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