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LoRa Telemetry Projects

Using wireless peer-to-peer connections to fight industrial pollution

Based on a Labs project | August 2016 | Find it here
LoRa Telemetry Projects
One of the difficulties of monitoring parameters in remote locations is getting the data over to a control room over long distances and ‘overcoming’ geographical and man-made obstacles. This article shows how LoRa together with Arduino can help to work around such problems.
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* LoRa peer-to-peer communication
* Low-cost Arduino-based
* Easy to understand
* Helps to solve real-life problems
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129009-72: AVR Playground
SKU17956: Dragino LoRa/GPS expansion for Arduino
SKU15877: Arduino Uno R3
SKU16843: Arduino sensor kit
160044-71: Ultrasonic distance sensor HY-SRF05
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