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Nixie Bargraph Thermometer

High-tech look with a vintage Nixie tube

Nixie Bargraph Thermometer
Nixie tubes are always fascinating. Nowadays they are mostly used for clock displays, such as the project in the May/June 2016 issue of Elektor [1]. The ‘Nixie’ bargraph tubes for analogue readout in the form of a column of light are less well known. Strictly speaking, they are not Nixie tubes because they do not display numerals, but they have the same warm retro allure because they are also filled with neon gas. The thermometer described here uses a Russian IN-9 tube and is a nice alternative to the usual clock projects.
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Extra info / Update
@ www.elektor.com

Nixie Bargraph Thermometer (complete kit) www.elektor.com/nixie-bargraph
Arduino Nano www.elektor. com /arduino-nano
Component list
Component List
R1 = 47Ohm
R2 = 150Ohm, 1%
R3,R4 = 220Ohm
R5–R10 = 330Ohm
R11 = 820Ohm, 1W
R12 = 1kOhm, 1%
R13 = 2.2kOhm, 1%
R14 = 3.3kOhm
R15 = 4.7kOhm
R16,R17 = 10kOhm
R18 = 10kOhm, 1%
R19,R20 = 27kOhm
R21 = 100kOhm
R22 = 820kOhm, 1%
P1 = 4.7kOhm trimpot, horizontal, 10mm
C1 = 330pF NP0
C2,C3 = 100nF X7R
C4 = 100nF, 100V, film
C5 = 1μF, X7R
C6,C7 = 2.2μF, 200V
C8 = 220μF, low ESR
D1–D3 = MUR160G
D4,D5 = RGB LED, 5mm, common anode
T1 = BC547B
T2,T3 = MPSA42
T4 = 2N7000
T5,T6 = IRLD110
IC1 = ICM7555
IC2 = LM6142NOPB
IC3 = DS18B20+ (not on PCB)
L1 = 47μH, 1.2A, ELC08D470E
JP1 = 3-pin pinheader, 0.1” pitch, with jumper
K1 = 3-pin angled locking header (Würth 61900319521)
K2 = 3-pin connector, female, with leads (Würth 61900311621 + 3x 619100126015, not on PCB)
MOD1 = Arduino Nano (withCH340) + 2x 16-pin angled bus strip (Würth 61301611821)
V1 = IN-9 bargraph tube (Russia)
Mechanical parts
4 pcs self-adhesive rubber foot (TME RI-RBS-12)
4 pcs cap screw M3x6, hex socket head, zinc-plated steel, DIN 912
4 pcs countersunk screw M3x8, hex socket head, st. steel, A2 DIN 7991
2 pcs machine screw, M3x10, Pozidriv, zinc-plated steel, DIN 7985A
2 pcs hex nut, M3, steel, DIN 934
2 pcs flat washer, M3 plastic, DIN 125A
2 pcs fillister head screw M2x10, Philips, zinc-plated steel, DIN 7985A
2 pcs hex nut M2, zinc-plated steel, DIN 934
4 pcs standoff, 14mm, M3 M/F
4 pcs standoff, 20mm, M3 F/F
Heat-shrink tubing, diameter 6.4mm. 1:2 ratio
Heat-shrink tubing, diameter 1.6mm 1:2 ratio
Enclosure, clear acrylic 3mm extruded, laser cut
Enclosure (scale), clear acrylic 5mm extruded, laser cut and engraved
Scale, brushed stainless steel finish on black, laser cut, MetalGraph Plus MP922-314 1/16" (Rowmark)
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