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  • Published in issue 7/2018 on page 44
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Elektor RPi Audio DAC and Volume Control Tweaks & Updates

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Elektor RPi Audio DAC and Volume Control Tweaks & Updates
Possibly due to a synergetic effect of crossbreeding a real stomper like the Raspberry Pi with the fine art of high-end audio design, the publications RPi High-end Audio DAC [1] and the subsequent Volume Control for RPi Audio DAC [2], were both raving successes. But with success come queries.As with any good audio DIY project disseminated through a publication on paper and/or online, users not only flock to buy the boards and play music, but in good engineering spirit also respond with useful feedback. Here is some — be warned, it goes at terrific speed.
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@ www.elektor.com
RPi High-end Audio DAC, fully assembled incl. display

RPi High-end Audio DAC

Volume Control for RPi Audio DAC; PCB with IC1, 2, 4 mounted

Book: Raspberry Pi Advanced Programming

Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B)
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