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Obsolete or "Allocated"?

Obsolete or "Allocated"?
Wednesday, around 3◦pm: time to quickly order some components for a few current projects. But first I look through our stock of SMD components. Fortunately, this check reveals that we are only missing a few standard components in our SMD trays — some 0805 resistors with values of 1◦kΩ, 10◦kΩ, 100◦kΩ, etc., as well as some 0805 capacitors with values of 1◦nF, 10◦nF and 100◦nF. On my wish list for the projects there are several ‘heavy duty’ microcontrollers and other exotic components, for which I might encounter some delivery problems, but that can wait. The first thing is to order the standard components from the usual major suppliers, then that’s out of the way.
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