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Software Integrity Protection

Wibu-Systems mission statement for the Cyber Alliance

Software Integrity Protection
The integrity of embedded systems can be ensured through the use of cryptographic methods in a clearly defined process and a secure hardware device for key management and state storage. With CodeMeter, Wibu-Systems offers a smart card-based protection system, which is available for industrial interfaces. CodeMeter supports common operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux as well as Windows Embedded, Real Time Linux, VxWorks and PLCs like CODESYS and more. It contains a secure implementation of symmetric and asymmetric encryption methods (AES, RSA, ECC) as well as hash functions (SHA-256), functions for signature validation (ECDSA) and a random number generator. CodeMeter includes all the available tools needed to implement all the steps described above for integrity protection, software protection and the prevention of code tampering.
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