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‘Wolverine’ CNC Gantry Robot

Multifunctional Powerhouse – Part 2: electronics and software

‘Wolverine’ CNC Gantry Robot
In part 1 of this series (ElektorLabs March & April 2019 [1]) we described the mechanical construction of our CNC gantry robot. Now it’s time for the control electronics and the software. We also present some simple CNC projects to help you get started with the gantry robot and learn about the various software packages you can use together with our machine to create your own products.
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Component list

Component list


R1,R2 = 330Ω (SMD 1206)

R3-R12 = 1kΩ, 660mW (SMD 1206), e.g. Panasonic ERJP08F1001V

R13 = 2.2kΩ (SMD 1206)



C1,C2 = 100nF, 50V, X7R

C3 = 150μF, 50V



D1-D4 = 1N4148 (SMD SOD123)

D5 = S2J-E3

LED1-LED5 = LED, green (SMD 1206)

OK1 = ACPL-247-500E

OK2,OK3 = ACPL-217-500E

IC1 = 7815 (TO-220)



L1-L22 = ferrite bead, 2512067007Y3 (SMD 1206)

F1 = PPTC resettable fuse, 500mA, 60R050XPR

F2 = PPTC resettable fuse, 160mA (SMD 1206)

JP1-JP5 = 3-pin pinheader, pitch 0.1", with jumper

M1-M4, K8-K10 = Phoenix Contact MC1.5/4-G-3.81 and MC1.5/4-ST-3.81

K1-K4 = 2×3-pin boxheader, pitch 0.1"

K5 = 2×13-pin socket header, right angle, pitch 0.1"

K6,K7 = Phoenix Contact MC1.5/6-G-3.81 and MC1.5/6-ST-3.81

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