Torex Reboot Controller

January 15, 2015 | 02:36
Torex Reboot Controller
Torex Reboot Controller

TOREX Semiconductor Ltd. has developed the XC6190 series of push button Reboot Controllers, designed to provide a system reboot signal to the controller used in small wearable devices. The chip itself measures just 1.3 mm square (USPN-6 outline) and is available in four variants. The A variant only requires one external resistor to define the reboot delay timing between 1 s and 20 s while the B variant uses no resistor but can only generate a reboot delay of 7.5 s or 12.5 s depending on the state of the TS input.

Reboot is initiated when logic-low signals (generated by operating two push buttons) are present at SW1 and SW2 inputs. The reboot signal sent to the controller is active for typically 400 ms. The quiescent current in the standby state is typically 0.01 μA. An Under-Voltage Lock Out feature helps prevent system malfunction.

Key features of the XC6190 series:

? Voltage Range: 1.75 V to 6.0 V

? Quiescent Current: 0.01 μA typ (standby state)

? Output Configuration: N-channel open drain, CMOS

? RSTB pin, Sink current: 30 mA (VRSTB=0.3V)

? Operating Ambient Temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC

? Package: USPN-6, USPN-6B01

? EU RoHS Compliant, Pb Free

For more information the data sheet is available here.

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