Noise-cancelling earbuds or headphones make listening to music more pleasant by reducing the noise levels. However, there are lots of times when you simply want to block out ambient noise and enjoy the silence. QuietOn earplugs, which are an active version of mechanical earplugs, are ideal for this.
The idea is simple but brilliant: take the technology used in noise-cancelling earbuds and use it in special earplugs to block out ambient noise. The innovators of the QuietOn earplugs have worked this out, and the earplugs presented in their Indiegogo campaign have integrated electronics and a battery, eliminating the need for cables. At frequencies above about 1 kHz the earplugs provide mechanical noise suppression, and at lower frequencies the built-in electronics provides optimal noise suppression.
According to the developers, the earplugs are ideal for people who need a quiet break from time to time or who want to sleep at night without being disturbed. Scientific studies have shown that constant ambient noise leads to significantly higher stress levels in the human body. There is a lot of interested in the QuietOn earplugs on Indiegogo, with $130,000 already subscribed in a short time – more than 250 percent of the original target. The earplugs are not cheap – a pair costs $130 during the campaign, including a combined carrying case and charger.