Allegro add surface-mount leadform for the CB package option to its range of fast-response 400 A fully-integrated current sensors which feature 1.3 kV isolation voltage and 2.5 μs over-current response time.
The ACS77x range of current sensors is designed for safety-critical applications in the automotive and robotics sectors. The type ACS772 operates with a supply of 5 V while the ACS773 uses 3.3 V. The family of sensors  offer versions suitable for measuring current flow up to plus and minus 200 A.
Block diagram of the current sensor. Image: Allegro.

Current sensing relies on an electrically isolated low-offset, chopper-stabilized BiCMOS Hall-effect sensor delivering an output voltage signal proportional to current flow through the shunt. The sensor is programmed for accuracy during the manufacturing process. Temperature compensation is incorporated in the chip design to improve overall accuracy and temperature stability.

In addition to their suitability for automotive and robotics applications the sensors are also ideal for solar PV applications, where they can offer significant advantages to reduce cabling outlay. This not only reduces installation costs, but improves efficiency.