An Analog Channel Protector

July 12, 2015 | 23:44
The ADG5462F four-channel Protection Chip
The ADG5462F four-channel Protection Chip
The recently introduced ADG5462F channel protector from Analog Devices Inc provides overvoltage protection for four analog signal channels. The ADG5462F is placed in series with the signals and prevents transient over-voltage events from damaging sensitive inputs.

The chip’s primary supply voltage defines the on-resistance profile of all the four channels while the secondary supply voltages define the voltage levels at which the over-voltage protection mechanism engages. When un-powered the channels remain in an off condition and channel inputs are high impedance. This is useful to provide protection in applications where correct power supply sequencing cannot always be guaranteed.

Key Features of the ADG5462F:

• Source pins (Sx) are protected against voltages greater than the secondary supply rails (POSFV and NEGFV), up to −55 V and +55 V.
• In an unpowered state, source pins (Sx) are protected against voltages from −55 V to +55 V.
• Overvoltage detection with digital output indicating channel operating state.
• Trench isolation guards against latch-up.
• Optimized for low on-resistance and on-resistance flatness.
• ±5 V to ±22 V supply rails or a single supply from 8 V to 44 V.

Each channel has an on-resistance of 10ohm and on-resistance flatness of 0.5ohm. An active low Fault Flag digital output signal indicates when a fault condition occurs on any of the Sx inputs.

For more information view the data sheet at Analog Devices Inc.
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