An oscilloscope kit for beginners

December 17, 2015 | 09:33
An oscilloscope kit for beginners
An oscilloscope kit for beginners
The DSO062 oscilloscope kit from Jye Tech is easy to build and features an especially attractive price. The kit contains all necessary components and PCBs, with all SMDs preassembled. Users only have to mount and solder the larger leaded components, which is a good practical exercise for electronics novices. The measured waveforms are displayed on a graphic LCD with a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels, which is mounted on the front panel along with the controls and indicators.
The specifications of this simple single-channel LCD oscilloscope are fairly modest, which is not surprising considering its price. The maximum sampling rate is 2 Msamples/s with 8-bit resolution. However, this is more than enough for measuring signals in the audio range and above, up to a couple hundred kHz. Despite the low price, this handy gadget has several extra functions, including FFT and frequency measurement.

The kit is already being used in the educational sector by Professor Zvonimir Stojanovich at the Centennial College School of Engineering Technology in Toronto (Canada). He has written a detailed project manual in English for kit assembly, which can be downloaded from the Jye Tech website.
The DS0062 kit is now available in the Elektor Store for just €53.95 plus shipping charges. Elektor Community members receive a 10% discount and pay only €48.56 plus shipping charges.

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