Test print of a two-color object with
a single extrusion nozzle by
changing filament.
At the Elektor Labs we have for some time been testing the Anet A6, a model of 3D printer which seems promising. What strikes you first is the price, but it's easy to convince yourself that if price and quality are in strong direct proportion to each other, so this price can put you off.

Leaving aside these preconceived ideas, this device has a pretty good reputation. This kit has a lot to offer, it is well designed and easy to assemble. The rigidity of the robust frame is satisfactory.

After some preliminary tests, the Anet A6 3D printer has been adopted by the Elektor Labs notably for the flexibility it offers. Here is a first test print of a two-color object by changing filament, tried because this printer with a single extrusion nozzle is not primarily intended for this. It is quite easy, thanks to a (plug in) module of the excellent Cura software.

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Assembling the Anet A6 3D printer (timelapse)

As the elements of the frame are a reflective black, we preferred to video the device without peeling off the paper film which covers the elements of the frame. In this way, the viewer can better distinguish the details.