The new E10 printer is ready to use in
less than 1/4 h. It is offered by Elektor
with 3 rolls of PLA filament.
The rising interest in 3D printers is confirmed by the number of visitors to our e-shop. Electronics is getting better and better with 3D printing. Once made, this observation seems self-evident, but it's taken some trial-and-error to get there! It's our superb offer of the Anet A6 3D printer kit, with 3 rolls of PLA filament included, which has recently convinced more than a thousand users! The sudden demand at Elektor has given rise to some delays, but these are now under control. Even if China is a far-away country for a container to come from, we will be able to meet the announced delivery times.

Anet E10 printer kit with rapid assembly

This is why the moment has arrived for Elektor to offer a new model of Anet printer, the E10, from the same family, but designed for those with neither the desire, the time nor the tenacity to take on the mechanical assembly of numerous parts as was the case with the A6.
In fact, the Anet E10 Printer (we filmed the unpacking and assembly below), is delivered almost ready to use. It's a kit which assembles in a flash; you only need to assemble the base (which comes with a heated plinth) and the frame together. No soldering to do, and the few connectors are well labelled.

Another characteristic by comparison with other models is the maximum size of printing: 220 x 270 x 300 mm.
It goes without saying, but let's be precise: the precision of the E10 printer is excellent, from ±0.1 to 0.15 mm (Z : 0.004 mm | XY : 0.012 mm)
The sound level is moderate to low. For changing setting on-the-fly, there is a large LCD screen and a rotary button for navigation between menus and parameters. The robust chassis is made of aluminium alloy.
The usable filament materials are PLA, ABS and others whose extrusion temperature is below 260 ºC.