The Arduino Nano Every board is the cheapest Arduino board available. It has the small Nano form factor and an ATmega4809 microcontroller instead of the UNO's ATmega328. Even though it has only five PWM outputs (six on the UNO) it does have 50% more program memory (48 KB vs. 32 KB), three times more RAM (6 KB vs. 2 KB) and four serial ports instead of just one. Furthermore, the Nano Every has some peripherals that are not available on the UNO like an Event System and a Custom Configurable Logic (CCL) block.

Use Custom Configurable Logic (CCL)

In this video we show you how to use the custom configurable logic CCL block to create a WS2812B "NeoPixel" addressable RGB LED driver without bit-banging. It lets you turn any NeoPixel LED string into a standard SPI slave device!


- Microchip application note AN2387: “Core Independent Night Light using CCL”
- Source code from this video