Best of the BAY-ern — from Our Man in Munich (1)

October 3, 2018 | 15:00
Our Man in Munich
Our Man in Munich
"Schmankerln" (delicacies) from Our Man in Munich — week 40.
++<START>++ Elektor has landed in Munich! We act instead of talking! If you want to introduce something new, please contact me! ++<STOP>++
++<START>++ Bayern vs. Silicon Valley/Bay-Area... by 2020 the Munich Urban Colab is created ++<STOP>++
++<START>++ Elektor and Messe München start their next joint cooperation: productronica fast forward Award  ++<STOP>++ 
++<START>++ Oktoberfest was opened by Munich's Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter with 2 bell strokes, and Elektor actively participates in Bavarian culture, is an IoT based tap coming soon? ++<STOP>++
++<START>++ BMW Group and Daimler AG apply to the EU Commission for a worldwide mobility company to offer hands-on e-mobility! ++<STOP>++
Image: BMW Group
++<START>++ MAGMENT UG from Munich preps the first test track for contactless charging of electric vehicles while driving in Salo, Finland... an end to conventional charging stations? ++<STOP>++
++<START>++ 10 prototypes and over 20 start-ups are competing against each other, what are we talking about? Of course, the electronica Fast Forward Award! Soon! 13 through 16 November 2018, it's worth stopping by! ++<STOP>++
++<START>++ The NXP Cup without Elektor? Almost unimaginable, so it goes into the next round! Start of the next edition of the NXP Cup is in October. ++<STOP>++
++<START>++ That's all folks for this first "delicacies" from the BAY-ern, don't forget to network with us: LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. If you too want to be part of the next issue, please contact me! ++<SERVUS>++
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