Best-of the BAY-ern [BoB] 10 – from our office in Munich, Bavaria.

++<START>++ Sun is shining bright and summer has filled Bavaria with joy and even more smiling faces. We're back with some crispy news from the tech circles in Bavaria for you to enjoy with your beer! In short, it's time to just sit back, relax and let us update you with what's going in the German state BAY-ern. ++<STOP>++ 
++<START>++ IoT & electronics getting integrated in Bavaria. Advantech CTO visits the Bavarian company Lacon to lead the digitalization route.  ++<STOP>++
++<START>++ Toposens makes it easier to create robotic applications with the release of ROS (Robotic Operation System) driver and also, by open-sourcing it's all ROS packages for engineers. And because of that, it sure seems like a great step to engage the robotics community. ++<STOP>++
++<START>++ Maximum profitability and safety with minimum effort? Munich's Fos4X presents its "fit and forget" solutions for wind turbines optimization. ++<STOP>++
BoB 10 - GOVECS - Schwalbe E-Scooter
GOVECS – Schwalbe E-Scooter
++<START>++ GOVECS group E-scooter wins the ADAC test to prove its worth. Also, the retro design and acceleration to 90 km/h, is it the best E-scooter after all?  ++<STOP>++
++<START>++ Eat, sleep, innovate - repeat and leave the boring stuff out of your day to the machines. Designing electronics is now quick and easy with the software from electronica fast forward 2020 finalist, Contunity. Just drag and drop and fast forward to your schematics and PCB layout directly! ++<STOP>++ 

BoB 10 - Productronica fast forward 2019, Munich, Bavaria

++<START>++ You start competing the day you have an idea for a start-up and the competition never stops. Maybe that's why you do it, maybe that's because it's fun. So, why not compete at the perfect platform? Register now to participate and bring your start-up to Munich in November to compete in productronica fast forward 2021++<STOP>++      
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