Big Thank You to the entire Elektor community

December 22, 2016 | 23:00
Big Thank You to the entire Elektor community
Big Thank You to the entire Elektor community
First off, a big Thank You from me and the team to the entire Elektor community — it’s times like these when we are reminded how lucky we are to be an active part of such an engaged community!

Organized online, Elektor’s 2016 Readership Survey attracted more than 7000 respondents from 90(!) different countries to whom we gave away close to 5000 vouchers to spend in the Elektor Store. With so many replies to the survey we’re pretty confident enough knowledge can be gathered to continue improving our services.

Here’s a quick summary of facts and figures extracted from the survey.
  • The majority of survey participants can be identified as electronics home labs.
  • 66% are Elektor members.
  • The majority of Elektor Store clients are interested in books and DIY projects.
  • 63% of Elektor Store clients find the prices just right.
  • Most participants discovered Elektor more than 20 years ago.
  • Analog design and test & measurement are areas the participants would like to see more coverage of in Elektor Magazine.

Possibly due to being a relative outsider to electronics in general, an interesting fact I observed is that 90% of Elektor readers keep a copy of the magazine to read it again later.

I hope you liked this short update of some of the facts and figures pertaining to our community — once again thank you for being so involved! And now, the question I am sure many of you are keen to have an answer to – Am I one of the prize raffle winners? So here goes, cheers & congrats to these 15 lucky winners:

Dirk Chapitre
Ioan Boscu
Jennifer Aubinais
Kari Kokkonen
Laura De Baets
Lennart Jarlevang
Louis Lenchant
Martin Baumberger
Michel Vallet
Rick Haaksema
Sabine Quilitzsch
Sermet Eray
Stevica Damjanovic
Tim Bakker
Valentina Ivanov

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