More fun and effortless ARM code inspection & debugging

July 25, 2018 | 12:21


Black Magic Probe Mini V2.1 is a very small (33 x 15 mm) and lightweight board. For more efficient embedded programming, associate this Serial Wire Debug Adapter with the tiny & powerful 1Bitsy ARM computer. You'll do the right things right in no time!
When you run into a problem with a program you are writing, the Black Magic Probe allows you to follow the execution step by step. Run your program in real time and interrupt it at any step to inspect and modify CPU registers or variables, or watch them as they change. You can also inspect the Function Call Stack and much more.

Openness, simplicity, reliability

Designed by 1BitSquared in collaboration with Black Sphere Technologies, this JTAG and SWD adapter targets programming and debugging ARM Cortex MCUs on Linux, Mac and Windows. Any standard GNU ARM toolchain can be used. No patches or config files required! You can set up 6 hardware-assisted breakpoints and unlimited software breakpoints.
As a JTAG debugger, the Black Magic Probe comes with a JTAG ribbon cable, a header for a serial cable, a 10-pin ARM Cortex to 7-pin adapter, and a UART cable.
Instead of complex and expensive proprietary black-box tools, you’ll find openness, simplicity, and reliability. Forget about difficult to set up and maintain open source solutions.
You open your GNU Debugger (GDB) and select the virtual com port offered by BMP21 as your extended remote target. No need for special PC software. The device supports 1.7 V up to 5 V targets, and supplies 3.3 V to the target device at up to 100 mA.
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