Bluetooth® Smart Starter Development Kit

December 20, 2013 | 00:00
Bluetooth® Smart Starter Development Kit
Bluetooth® Smart Starter Development Kit

CSR plc have introduced a new low-cost Bluetooth Smart development kit for developers looking to get prototypes up and running fast.


The Starter Development Kit is competitively priced and comes with unrestricted development environment including compiler and debug tools giving full support to the CSR µEnergy platform. The software also includes source code example applications for both iOS and Android target systems and a full suite of profiles to run on-chip. Developer support is provided by the newly launched CSR developer forum.


The CSR Starter Development Kit simplifies hardware development with the inclusion of FCC and ETSI RF certified reference module designs with full design files. The kit includes a hardware development board, a CSR101 module, setup and quick start guides. No additional expense is necessary to download and install tools or acquire additional software licenses.


Priced at USD $99 the starter kit is now available from Digikey, Broadband and local CSR authorized distributors.

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