The International Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM) has brought together 11 of its booklets on obsolescence risks in a special offer package. For £60 one can buy all 11 booklets in the series ‘The Obsolescence Minefield’. The face value of these booklets is £100.

Over the past 18 years the IIOM, formerly known as the COG (Components Obsolescence Group), has established itself as a leading authority in obsolescence management. This result has not only been achieved through the dissemination of information by the organization itself, but also by the exchange of best practises among its members.

During the COG years and during the last year as IIOM, more than ten booklets have been published that give the reader access to all this information in a rational, down to earth manner.

The booklets have been brought together in the series ‘The Obsolescence Minefield’. They carry titles like ‘The Supply Chain Minefield’, ‘The Long Term Storage Minefield’, ‘The Redundant Stock Minefield’, ‘The Counterfeit Minefield’ and ‘The Software Obsolescence Minefield’. The series is based on the premise that there is more than one way of approaching a problem and that, in many cases, the problem will have probably been solved by someone else.

Future booklets will cover topics such as Inventory Management and COTS (custom off the shelf). For now, the special offer will save buyers £40. The booklets are available in the IIOM Shop.