You know, CAN (controller area network) is sooo 10 seconds ago… It’s faster successor, CAN FD  (FD = Flexible Datarate) offers not only higher performance but also better transmission reliability. CAN FD transceivers are increasingly seen in body control modules and gateways, in power steering, engine and transmission control units as well as in radar and camera-based driver assistance systems. On average, every vehicle today has 17 CAN transceivers. The number should rise to more than 20 within the next five years.

Now, Infineon says their new TLE925x CAN FD transceivers achieve transmission speeds of up to 5 Mbps, making data exchange up to 30 times faster than today. Compared to the old, plain vanilla CAN transceivers with their maximum payload of 8 bytes per data frame, the TLE925x CAN FD transceivers can send a payload of up to 64 bytes per frame. This allows checking the transmitted data for consistency in the transmitting control unit and to sign it with a 21-bit checksum instead of the 17-bit CS possible so far.

The TLE925x CAN FD transceivers permit an interface voltage to the microcontroller of 3.3 V as well as 5 V for best-possible signal symmetry. The more symmetrical the signals are, the better the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is.