Chip Gone Spongy?

July 29, 2015 | 00:59
The low-profile Versarien heat sink
The low-profile Versarien heat sink
Well, it does look a bit out of place but what you are looking at is in fact a new generation of heat sink introduced by Versarien. This low profile design is made using a proprietary micropourous copper technology called VersarienCu.

The design is said to offer significantly better thermal properties than a conventional heat sink. VersarienCu™ is the result of innovative metallurgy research performed at the University of Liverpool’s Department of Engineering. It allows the creation of metallic materials with fine, open, interconnected pores which emulate structures commonly found in nature. This structure promotes thermal transfer levels that surpass anything previously available. The copper foam is then coated with a thin, hard layer of high temperature copper oxide to improve emissivity.

Testing shows that these heat sinks can outperform their comparable competitors by up to 6ºC/W, making this new range a major breakthrough in thermal management. The LPH00xx series of heatsinks are offered in form factors ranging from 10x10x2mm through to 40x40x5mm.

Testing of the LPH00xx range with an applied 5W load indicates a thermal resistance value of 17.4°C/W for the LPH0010 (40x40x5mm) heatsink, and with a 2W load the thermal resistance of the LPH0004 (20x20x5mm) product is 35.8°C/W.
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