Community building

August 10, 2016 | 09:01

Through this e-zine we attempt to keep you up to date with interesting news items and developments in the subject area of electronics (and related topics). A number of editors keep their eyes on market and information websites, the incoming mail and the email. But colleague René Bohne preferably looks for news or the latest novelties in the (maker) community himself.
He recently made an informative video of his workshop in the FabLab in Berlin, where he has his own (Elektor) desk. From there he has an excellent overview of the ins and outs at the FabLab Berlin and is quick off the mark when someone comes up with a funny, handy, innovative, pointless or ingenious project.
René is
therefore the designated person to maintain the Elektor YouTube-channel (Germany). For the summer vacation we have a (free) FPGA course ready for you. In German of course, but if you are not familiar with this language then you could take a look at our English language channel instead. Here you will find all kinds of informative background information and further explanations about our (electronic) projects, also a colorful collection of reviews, interviews and seminars. Finished reading the e-zine and the magazine, and hungry for more? Go and take a look at our YouTube-channels!

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