Compact driver for LED headlights

January 13, 2017 | 00:12
Compact driver for LED headlights
Compact driver for LED headlights
The application of LEDs in the headlights of cars not only makes a considerable energy saving possible, but also attractive designs and applications such as a matrix high-beam headlight that will not dazzle oncoming traffic.

Especially for use in LED headlights, Infineon introduces new LED-drivers in the Litix Power Flex series (TLD5541-1QV) and the Litix Power series (TLD5190QV). Both drivers are eminently suitable for LED applications for high powers and large currents. With this you don't have to consider just headlights but also various laser applications. The new drivers are also suitable for use in high-efficiency power supplies for battery-powered LED applications.

The Litix Power Flex driver is based on an H-bridge topology and makes a system efficiency of more than 92% possible. This results in a higher reliability, better thermal behavior and a smaller board design. The chip has a built-in SPI interface an supports both analog and digital (PWM) dimming.

The Litix Power driver is intended for medium and high power applications. This chip also supports analog and digital dimming, but does not have an SPI interface.

Infineon supports these new ICs with demoboards, datasheets and Pspice models.
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