Congatec has expanded its COM Express portfolio with the launch of the new AMD G-Series SoC (called Brown Falcon). Compared to modules based on the previous generation of AMD Embedded G-Series SoCs, the new conga-TR3 with dual-core AMD GX-217GI processor provides up to 30% more graphics performance and 15% more overall system performance.

Additionally, the AMD G-Series SoC supports faster and more power-efficient DDR4 memory, PCI Express Gen 3.0 for demanding customer-specific extensions as well as very powerful DirectX 12 graphics acceleration. This positions the new module as the first choice for many mainstream embedded applications. With a maximum configurable TDP of 12-15 watts, it is also ideal for fanless designs.

Since these new AMD G-Series processors are pin-compatible with the AMD Embedded R-Series SoCs (called Merlin Falcon) and based on the same processor microarchitecture, OEMs benefit from extremely high scalability that enables them to quickly and efficiently implement solutions from entry level to high-end with just one module design. In the performance intensive-graphics segment, the new conga-TR3 module delivers the optimal price point for high-volume applications.

The spectrum of applications ranges from graphics-intensive gaming and digital signage applications with dual 4K displays, image and video analytics in industrial vision systems, and medical imaging technology to retail, POS and automation.

Other use cases include computationally intensive applications such as perceptual computing, network firewalls with deep packet inspection (DPI) and big data analytics. Thanks to HSA 1.0 support such workloads can be distributed to the CPU and the highly parallel graphics cores, offering a very energy-efficient environment.