The 2022 World Ethical Electronics (WEEF) program committee invites ethical engineers and electronics industry thought leaders to share their insights. Notify the committee if you want to give a speech, contribute content (article or video), or join a debate about ethical electronics. You can participate in WEEF 2022 live on-site (Munich, November 15, 2022), live online, or via the website.
WEEF 2022 - call for speakers

What Is WEEF 2022?

The WEEF team's mission is to inspire global innovators with engaging, open discussions and publications about ethics and sustainable development goals in the electronics industry. Join us in discussing the following topics.
  • Do electrical engineers and companies that employ them have an ethical responsibility to use their skills for good? 
  • To what extent should ethics play a role in how companies conduct business? 
  • How can electronics manufacturers address sustainable development, green manufacturing, and social responsibility? 
  • How do the actions of individual engineers affect local communities and the environment? 
  • And more

Participate in WEEF 2022 to share your ideas, hopes, doubts, and questions about the following topics: eco-friendly design practices, the importance of SDGs, ethical HR practices, sustainable resources, e-waste management, diversity in STEM, and much more.

WEEF 2022 at Electronica 2022
  • When: November 15, 2022
  • Where: Electronica (Munich, Germany)
  • Contact us to participate