Crazy Xmas @ Elektor: Win home lab equipment worth €2,500

December 3, 2015 | 10:06
Crazy Xmas @ Elektor: Win home lab equipment worth €2,500
Crazy Xmas @ Elektor: Win home lab equipment worth €2,500
Whoever is planning to set up a new home lab or replace their existing equipment would be well advised to visit the Elektor Store. During Elektor’s Crazy Christmas Sale that has now officially started, every buyer will receive one free scratch card. You could win home lab equipment of your choice with a total value of up to €2,500!

Your home lab should not be missing equipment such as an oscilloscope, logic analyzer, 3D printer, and a soldering iron. On our Store website we offer a comprehensive range of such equipment, found under "lab equipment". After the Crazy Christmas Sale the lucky winner can browse through this section and select items for a total amount of up to €2,500!

Every year Elektor tries to do something special in the festive month of December. Last year Max Roderer from Nuremberg, Germany won €1,000 cash. Now Elektor is consciously aiming to give you physical products. The choice was made quickly after we discovered that more than half of all electronics-related innovations and start-ups come from home labs. More and more electronic engineers are building their own labs at home. It would be nice if Elektor lends a hand to one of them in their pursuits. And who knows, the winner could develop a project in their brand new lab that is eligible for publication in Elektor magazine.

Until early January 2016 Elektor will present weekly new and competitive offers for the Christmas Crazy Sale. Follow our website and newsletter closely. Anyone who places an order in the Elektor Store will receive a scratch card with the delivery of the ordered products. Besides the main prize there are many more must-haves for electronics (including "memberships for life") that you can win. Elektor ensures that everyone wins a prize anyway!

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