Designer truck loaded with high-tech demos roams Western Europe

January 20, 2016 | 11:10
The Smarter World Tour in Paris
The Smarter World Tour in Paris
A highly visible, 36 tons, 2 levels, fully mobile semi-truck trailer which turns into a large and spacious mobile tradeshow has started its journey through Europe. The truck is worth a look by itself as it was designed in 2001 by industrial designer Luigi Colani as an energy-efficient truck. The NXP Smarter World Tour features 138 connected demonstrations, highlighting technologies and products that are driving the Internet of Things (IoT) today and connected products of tomorrow.

We had a chance to visit the truck when it stopped in Paris, France, for a VIP event. Going inside the futuristic truck you can't help feeling a bit like Emilio Estevez in Loaded Weapon 1 when he enters his camper on the beach, it is amazingly big inside. The walls are covered with displays and circuit boards that demonstrate state-of-the-art applications. There are more smartphones in this truck than you can buy from the Internet and, if you like, you can get your bank card hacked (really).

The Smarter World Tour is scheduled to visit 16 European countries and will also stop at important trade events such as Embedded World and Electronica. In parallel Smarter World Tours also roam the Americas and China.
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