Distrelec, leading European distributor of electronics, automation and measurement technology, has rapidly expanded its range of memory IC’s with Alliance Memory, leading manufacturer of both new technologies and legacy memory products.
Alliance Memory manufactures memory products that are pin for pin drop-in replacements for brands such as Micron, Samsung and Hynix. The brand’s product portfolio includes a full range of 3.3V and 5V asynchronous SRAMs used with mainstream digital signal processors (DSPs), microcontrollers and synchronous SRAMs, ZMD low-power SRAMs, 3.3V synchronous DRAMs (SDR), mobile DDRs, 2.5V single (DDR1), 1.8V double (DDR2), and 1.5V as well as 1.35V triple rate (DDR3) synchronous DRAMs.
Steve Herd, Head of Customer and Product Proposition at Distrelec, has stated; “Distrelec’s new partnership with Alliance Memory is integral to supporting our customers within the commercial, communication, computing and medical industries. With Alliance Memory’s range of legacy memory products for SRAM and DRAM IC’s, Distrelec can connect industry specialists with solutions for telematics systems, power train applications, automotive active safety, autonomous driving, connectivity and in-vehicle-networking.”
Alliance Memory’s range of automotive products are all Grade 1 or Grade 2 AEC-Q100 compliant for applications with high temperature requirements. Their portfolio is comprised of a variety of components that combine low power consumption with power-saving features to extend battery life in mobile devices.
Managing Director EMEA Sue Macedo from Alliance Memory has commented; “Our goal is to establish long-standing relationships with customers and to provide long-term support for the parts we manufacture, which is synonymous with what Distrelec aims to achieve as a distributor. Our new partnership will strengthen our proposition, and enable more accessibility to the customers we endeavour to support.”