We have some interesting news items to report as we approach the end of the year. With announcements relating to Edge Impulse and machine learning, wireless power coils, LCR meters, foundry revenue, and Arduino, we have something for everyone. Take a look.

Edge Impulse Raises $34 Million

Edge Impulse had the machine learning community buzzing last week when it announced that it had closed a $34 million round of funding. The start-up also revealed that during the past two years, around 30,000 developers have developed a whopping 55,000 ML projects with Edge Impulse. Elektor features Edge Impulse on the cover of the current November/December edition of Elektor magazine. In an article titled “Image Processing with the Nvidia Jetson Nano (Part 2),” engineer Mathias Claussen uses an Nvidia Jetson Nano and Edge Impulse for an image recognition project featuring playing cards. “Our first goal is to be able to distinguish the image of UNO card number one from card number two and from the reverse side of a card,” Claussen notes. “We will need to train the neural network, using images of the objects to be recognized. For this we can first take a look at data acquisition and the interface of Edge Impulse.” After introducing Edge Impulse, he covers neural network training. 
Edge Impulse

GreatScott! Works with the Elektor LCR Meter

GreatScott!, the popular electronics-focused YouTuber, recently posted a new video, "In Search for the BEST Wireless Power Coil," which Elektor sponsored and also features the Elektor LCR Meter. The video offers you a look at the engineer’s wireless power coils. In addition, he explains how to measure any coil’s most important characteristics, and he helps you learn about LCR meters. Don’t miss these great insights!

Foundry Revenues Jumps 12%

The third quarter of 2021 brought good news for the global foundry industry. According to TrendForce, foundry revenue jumped approximately 12% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) to hit $27.28 billion. “The top four foundries posted double-digit revenue growth for 3Q21 due to peak season for smartphones,” the market intelligence firm reported. The increases: TSMC (11.9%), Samsung (11%), UMC (12.2%), and GlobalFoundries (12%). How does the foundry situation affect your business? Leave your comments below.

Arduino IDE 2.0 RC Now Available

Want to help the team at Arduino? This week, Arduino announced the availability of the Arduino IDE 2.0 Release Candidate (RC). "Whether you’re an Arduino power user or new to microcontroller coding, there are a variety of ways that you can contribute to this exciting new release," the team noted in a blog post describing the new features and ways you can help. Some of the new features include a re-engineered, high-performance serial monitor and support for localization into other languages. Get involved!

Embedded World Moved to June 2022

Due to recent COVID-19-related developments, Embedded World 2022 has been pushed to June 2022. Visitors will have a chance to meet with Elektor engineers and staffers who attend the event in Nuremerg, Germany. Benedikt Weyerer (Executive Director, embedded world) noted the following in a release: “We are very grateful for the many constructive conversations with industry representatives, which provided significant encouragement for this decision. Together with the exhibitors, we are looking forward to seeing the international embedded community again in Nuremberg from 21 to 23 June next year!”

Edge Impulse, the Elektor LCR Meter, and More

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