The electronics industry continues to innovate during these challenging times. During the past few days, we read a positive report about the future of the IoT market, and we learned about new technologies from companies including Microsoft and NVIDIA. Here's your electronics news update. 
Electronics News Update: IoT Market and more

IoT Market News and More 

  • IoT Market Predicted to Surge: Transforma Insights is reporting that it expects the global Internet of Things market to balloon to $1.5 trillion annual revenue by 2030. Currently, there are around 7.6 billion IoT devices in play. The firm predicts 24.1 billion active devices in 2030. "Short range technologies, such as WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee, will dominate connections, accounting for 72% in 2030, largely unchanged compared to the 74% it accounts for today," the company reported.
  • Microsoft's New AI Supercomputer: Microsoft announced last week that it has developed one of the world's most powerful supercomputers. Built in collaboration with OpenAI, the new Azure-hosted computer will be used for training AI models. The supercomputer, said to now be among the top five in the world, features over "285,000 CPU cores, 10,000 GPUs and 400 gigabits per second of network connectivity for each GPU server."
  • Sony's First Vision Sensor with AI: Sony recently announced the world's first intelligent vision sensor models to be equipped with AI processing functionality. "These products expand the opportunities to develop AI-equipped cameras," Sony stated.  
  • NVIDIA Unleashes Mammoth GPU: Last week, NVIDIA unveiled the Ampere A100 GPU, the largest 7-nm processor in the world. Its key features include: 54 billion transistors, third-generation Tensor Cores with TF32, multi-instance GPU, third-generation NVIDIA NVLink, and structural sparsity. “NVIDIA A100 GPU is a 20x AI performance leap and an end-to-end machine learning accelerator — from data analytics to training to inference," said Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA in a statement.
  • Raspberry Pi 4 USB Mass Storage Beta (Available Now): Working with a Raspberry Pi 4 (or thinking about it)? Last week, Raspberry Pi announced: "The beta firmware and bootloader for USB mass storage boot on Pi 4 are now available."
  • Hammond 1455F Flanged Extruded Aluminium Enclosure for Surface Mounting: The new 1455F flanged extruded aluminium enclosures add a further variant to the popular 1455 standard family. A new extrusion features a flat base with integral mounting flanges. The flanges, which extend beyond the body of the unit, have four notches to accept securing screws for mounting the units to a flat surface such as a wall, bulkhead or machine. Two sizes: 80 x 54 x 23 mm and 120 x 54 x 23 mm. 

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